wills & trusts

Wills & Trusts

A will is the simplest and most common way of transferring property at a person’s death. A will can easily be changed or revoked at any time after it is executed. While a will is straightforward, you should seek out an estate planning attorney because an estate planning attorney can explain all your options, the interactions between the will and your previous actions and make sure that all the required formalities complied with.

A trust is a relationship between two or more people were a person or group of people have legal title to and manage property for another person or group of people. While a trust is more complex than a will it can provide benefits that a will cannot, such as protection for the beneficiaries from their creditors, reduction in your gross estate for estate tax purposes, or protecting the property from the mismanagement of a beneficiary.

Wills and trust can be and are often used in conjunction. The attorneys at The J. Guerra Law Firm have the legal experience to help you choose the type of estate planning documents and the provisions to include to insure that your goals are accomplished.

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