Selecting an Estate Planning Attorney

There are a lot of estate planning attorneys in San Antonio. When you are selecting an estate planning attorney there are a lot of things to consider. Hear are my thoughts on what are the most important things to consider.

First, you need to find a person you are comfortable with. Whether you are just writing a simple will, planning to prevent estate and gift tax consequences, or trying to prevent your heirs from contesting your estate plan, your attorney of they are doing their job right, will have to ask you personal questions. In my opinion this is the most important quality in an estate planning attorney, because if you are not comfortable with them you will not fully convey to them your desires and concerns. Without knowing your desires and concerns, they cannot fully accomplish your goals.

Near the top of the list of things you must consider is competence. There are a lot of San Antonio estate planning attorneys who are competent to draft simple estate plans. However, if your goal is not to just get a will but to minimize gift or estate tax consequences, prevent your heirs from contesting an estate plan, or provide for an incapacitated loved one the group of competent San Antonio estate planning attorneys shrinks dramatically.

Another huge consideration is the effort the attorney is willing to put into your plan. Even though simple estate planning is straightforward it is time consuming to do it correctly. If an attorney tells you “this won’t take much time,” “my paralegal will explain it to you,” or “I got forms for that,” get out of there. You should speak to your attorney about what your documents mean and they should not just plug names into forms. This added attention prevents errors and ensures that you get what you paid for.

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